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Fundation BusEver since the creation of „Fundación Amiga“, we have continually worked on the crystallization of an infrastructure that allows for achievement of the social objectives. This is our structure:

  • Training in Handicrafts for Women: A center where especially single mothers can learn how to make clothes, mostly sport uniforms or other clothes used for Physical Education. There is also a daycare center for the children of the working mothers.
  • Training in Handicrafts for Men: This center is devoted to help children, adolescents and adults through offering them an improvement of their living conditions in the following manner:
    • The Carpentry workshop, where they can learn how to process different types of wood into furniture.
    • The mechanical Metal workshop, where iron is processed into basic instruments in for example doors, windows, handrails and other metallic products.
    • A Sport school, dedicated to children and adolescents between 8 and 18 years, aiming at giving them a perspective in life and preparing them for the later workshops through teaching them basic social skills.

The latter center also consists of a Health Center that assists more than 2,500 families living in this sector.