The Province of Esmeraldas

map of southamericaThe province of Esmeraldas covers 15,237 km² and 428,902 inhabitants. It is a coastal province at the northern boundary to Columbia. The city Esmeraldas with a current population of 250,566 inhabitants is the the capitol of the province and is home to 80% of the black population of Ecuador. The income per capita in this province is around 670 US$.

Beach in the Province EsmeraldasThe Province is mostly an angricultural area harvesting: tobacco, coffee, cocoa, bananas, African palms and a diverse collection of tropical fruits. The export of wood and fishing are also sources of economic growth and foundation to the ecuadorean industry. Through all of these natural riches there is a lot of commercial movement, attracting many tourists. Esmeraldas covers around 230 km of the coastline. Many tourists are attracted to the white sand beaches and the crystal clear water.

Rio Verde in EsmeraldasWhat attracts the average tourist most however, is the warmth and happiness of the Esmeraldeño who easily makes the guests feel at home through kindness and interest in one another. The Esmeraldeño knows how to preserve many African beliefs and traditions such as the Macumba. The folklore full of Afro-Ecuadorean rhythm as a magic effect on most people, enchanting them and making them dance immediately. Traditionally, the males wear a white suit and the females a long white dress allowing to swing it around in one of the many turns of this dance. The nightlife is very busy as well, especially in Atacames (30 km from Esmeraldas city), one of the most visited beaches throughout the year. It possesses good hotels and many restaurants that offer traditional food consisting mainly of seafood and coconut, a wonderful combination.

The spas of Esmeraldas are exactly as printed on the post cards: filled with palm trees and bamboo kiosks spread over the beachers, where one can consume all kinds of fruits, juices or the delicious coconut water. Beaches like Atacames, Muisne, Rio Verde or Súa truly awake the desire to escape from the buzing daily life. All of these beaches can be reached through boat or by car. This way Esmeraldas does not only have all the natural resources to make one relax and forget about one's worries for a while but also provides the tourist with the happiness and hospitality of the Esmeraldas