Health Center

Health CenterThe Health Center does not only offer medical care to the employees of the two Centers of „Fundacion Amiga“, it also helps the population living in the surrounding area. This way we can assist a rather poor and backward part of the city, main communities include: Pumpula, La Floresta, Cananga, Casa Bonita. This area houses around 2 500 families, with an average of 5 people per household,, amounting up to 12 500 persons.

The main services this Center offers to the community are: helping during pregnancy and with giving birth, family planning, general medical advice, dentistry, ??ecography??, service of a clinical laboratory and a drugs store.

Health CenterThe main causes for death are: lunginfections causing sharp breathing, parasitic illnesses and extreme cases of diarrhea. The total amount of patients helped through this institution per month averages up to 400 people, 75 % of which are children in the age class of 0 to 15 years. There is a clear difference between the genders though, 40 % of the patients are male and 60% female.

Health CenterFurthermore, we are running a preventive program. This is to say that we go to the different communities and promote a healthier and more aware way of life, point out the possibility to be trained in our Health Center, go to the schools making speeches about important sicknesses and vaccination campaigns.