Soccer School

Kids play soccerOur soccer school counts over 150 children. Every morning from Monday to Friday our school bus picks up the kids from the Cathedral „Cristo Rey“ until the „Training in Handicrafts for Men“ Center. Here, the children receive a sports education, focusing on soccer and thereby learn key values such as team-spirit, discipline, unity, hard work and respect for one another. The fact that we teach them how to play soccer also works as a magnet to attract the children, and then combine the fun with school classes. At the moment our staff consists of coaches for the different categories, a psychologist and a social worker.

Apart from the training the children receive a daily meal and some are even helped with a scholarship for school. Yet, we also have requirements for the children. They have to study and in case they are not able to pay they necesary fees, we are quick to look for friends who are willing to sponsor the children. After the morning training, school classes take place, which are monitored by our staff that makes sure that all children are willing to learn and do study.

CoachesAt the moment some of our children and adolescents are champion in football competitions, carried out on local level. Many of them dream about becoming great soccer stars some day that will play for the national team. That's why a great part of the children participate in professional soccer clubs after graduating here. Our greatest challenge in achieving this goal is to teach the children discipline, as often they are not used to having to do something or having to listen to a coach.

Our dream is to expand this Soccer School so that we can train 1000 children daily with a better structure allowing us to teach one group school classes in the morning and physical education in the afternoon, and to teach a second group physical education in the morning and school classes in the aternoon. This way we could provide them with a physical education, with high moral standards and many key values.Soccer School