Training in Handicrafts of Men

WorkshopThis Center is located 8.5 km away from the city center, in the direction of Atacames. It has an original structure, hosting different workshops as well as a Soccer School and a Health Center.

Currently this center employs 35 workers. These young employees are chosen upon two main criteria: Their level of poverty and their determination to improve their living circumstances. They mostly work for a period of 4 years or longer. Initially they are taught basic knowledge about the subject in the training program, so that afterwards they can proceed into producing their own goods, which are also sold on local markets. At the moment we are producing mainly wooden furniture, such as: school and office desks, doors, windows and closets. This way we do not only have a huge variety of products to sell but can also provide jobs and help change the community into an economically more active one.

The different working areas of this Center are as follows.

furnitureTraining in Woodwork

Here the young workers can learn different techniques in processing wood into products such a beds, furniture, kitchen shelves or doors. It also possesses a Drying Cabinet for Wood, which not only facilitates the work but also rises the quality of the products since the wood is dried before being manufactured.

chairsTraining in mechanical metal production

This workshop allows us to produce all kinds of projects consisting of iron, especially grills, doors, desks and metallic strcutures. With the objective of bringing forward products of good quality, we constructed a Oven of Electrostatic Painting. This allows a complex process, in which an electric current runs through the product, attracting the paint that is sprayed into the air. This way, the pain is evenly distributed and stuck onto the product through a fusion, guaranteeing a grip that will last much time.

noodle productionManufacturing and selling of Pasta

This workshop has a small machine, which can produce various types of pasta. This branch does not only help to create further job opportunities but also furthers the knowledge of production of the workers far enough to allow them to start their own micro-companies after working for us.

The future challenge is to increase the production and productivity, improving the quality of the products for a more demanding market. This rather young project still needs a lot of attention and commitment, looking for hands that are willing to help it to let others help.