Training in Handicrafts of Women

Trainingcenter in Hnadicrafts for WomenThis center is located in the city sector „Redondel de Codesa“, a 100 meters from the mainstreet of Esmeraldas. It is particularly dedicated to the rescue of single mothers, aiming at givingthem the opportunity to be productive and in control of their own future. Moral and spiritual guidance is also offered by the community „Siervas de la Caridad“, which is in charge of this Center and the Daycare Center.

Training in SewingTraining in Sewing

Here single mothers can learn how to sew and thus how to produce clothes. At the moment, one of the strengths of this workshop is the manufacturing of sport uniforms. They enjoy a great reputation, thanks to the good quality, the low prices we ask for them and the fact that through buying them, the jobs for otherwise single unemployed mothers are protected. The center currently consists of 30 women, whereby 2 are deaf-dumb.

This workshop presents around 35 new women three times a year, amounting up to more than a 100 members in a complete year. Through doing this in snatches, we have the chance to be a fundamental pillar for this and future generations in this rmote area. Many women continue as employees in small handicraft companies and some even become micro managers.

Daycare CenterDaycare Center

This Center attends the currently 63 children of the working mothers. This way the children can enjoy balanced meals with their contemporaries. The Daycare Center also takes care of the children of imprisoned mothers in order to allow them a healthy meal according to their age and size. Furthermore, we offer school classes to 20 children giving them a perspective in life and a sense of brotherhood.

Daycare CenterThis way we can guarantee for the good influence the Daycare Center has on the children. Not only does it supply the children with food and education but it also consists of highly qualified staff and can listen to the children and introduce some of the children for the first time in their lives to affection.